A New Project

It was bound to happen eventually. Here I am, a young, vivacious student with a lot to say, and a lot to share, but sort of boxed into a strange place where there isn’t necessarily anyone around to say or share it all with. I pour my heart out into little projects, little pieces of writing – I put it in to baking, creating, photography, but I never really do anything with it, or have a reason for it…not that one needs it, but that aside, it would be nice to. It would be nice to meet and share and talk with people who have common interests to my own – or who just enjoy talking about the crazy things I do.

The point is – I’ve created this space for myself to share the little things that I do. I will post knitting patterns, recipes, book reviews, social commentary, and art projects – anything that inspires me to say something. The idea is that by writing things down I will be encouraging myself to try out new things, to go on new adventures, and to take up new hobbies – and in turn share that creativity and sense of adventure with other people.

This blog is not intended to be a place where I will pour out my personal problems – that is not a healthy habit, by any means, and leads to nothing exceptt hurting other people and creating drama in my life, which is something I am trying to cut back on. Therefore, I expect the same courteousness from my readers. I would LOVE feedback and commentary, but let me make clear that any negativity or unpleasantness expressed in writing will be erased. This is meant to be a happy and safe haven for me to express myself to you, and vice versa. Be aware this doesn’t mean “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” because I do appreciate constructive criticism – I just want to make sure you understand I expect the words used in commentary to be chosen wisely. I have had too many times where I post a piece of art or writing and people have gotten carried away with what they have to say about it…and not in the good way.

Also, let it be noted any real-life events I may chose to bring up in writing, here, will not contain the real names of any of the people observed or involved. I would like to respect the privacy of anyone who may become a victim of my creativity. I’m making this disclaimer because from time to time I may want to write down something that, while not necessarily negative or private, will still come from an experience I may have had on my own. I do however respect that not everyone wants to be immortalized on the internet, and so, some personal information may be changed to protect that person’s interests. Understood?

Anyway, aside from the lecture – welcome to the inside of my creative mind. Welcome to my thoughts, my observations, my experiments, and my anecdotes. I hope you’ll read them, and enjoy them.  =)


2 comments on “A New Project

  1. FudgeSickle says:

    I am excited that you are doing this blog. I will look forward to it and hope that you post often! You certainly do have a creative mind, so GO FOR IT!!

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