22 year old, not necessarily girly, girl living in California, creating, exploring, and learning while in college training to become an elementary school teacher. In this blog you will find recipes, rants, photos, knitting patterns, art projects, social observations, Sci-Fi fandom, dabbles in creative writing, shared articles, book & restaurant reviews, and much more! (Essentially anything I feel is worth saying or sharing I’ll be plastering on the internet, here).

*disclaimer* any names/events referred to in this blog will have been adjusted to protect the privacy of the people that may be involved.

*double disclaimer* any negativity, flaming, etc will immediately be erased from the comment boxes – but if you carefully and considerately word your responses so as not to invoke my wrath – then please use this as a place to speak your mind.

*triple disclaimer* if you take any recipes, knitting patterns, projects, etc from this place – please remember they belong to me and are to be used for personal purposes but NOT commercial/for profit purposes. Also if you want to repost them somewhere else – please give credit where credit is due. Thanks!


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